Every UU reading this should listen to this.

This was on the Atlanta morning show, The Bert Show, on Monday.

The basic premise is that a guy went off to do his med school residency out on the west coast.  He’s gay, in the closet, and a Mormon.  He came back to see his sister get married, and it turns out she is marrying his ex-boyfriend.  He called the show on Friday asking for advice which was to tell the sister.

Well, he did, and it went terribly, horribly wrong.  Pretty much as bad as you could expect.  One of the cohosts, and one of the main reasons I listen to The Bert Show is one of the co-hosts, Melissa, an out and proud lesbian.  She gets extremely emotional, talking about religion, church, and homosexuality.

You can listen to it at http://thebertshow.com/2010/06/29/listener-jeremys-sister-is-marrying-his-ex-boyfriend/

Listen to parts 4 and 5.  Parts 1-3 are from him calling in Friday, 4 and 5 are from Monday about what happened.  Part 6 is just the clip of co-host Melissa’s emotional plea.  This was even written up in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

This is why we need all of our congregations to be welcoming congregations.  This is why we need to stand on the side of love.  For people like “Jeremy”  For people like me, afraid to come out to his family for fear of a complete separation, afraid to come out at work for fear of getting fired.

Just listen.  And I dare you not to cry.  It’ll be impossible.

3 responses to “Every UU reading this should listen to this.

  1. As a side note, I sent her a facebook message extolling Unitarian Universalism and my church, and my experiences at UUCAtlanta as a gay man. Hopefully she’ll find the spiritual home she’s looking for, if not with us, then somewhere.

  2. Hey, Kinsi. Thanks for this. I spent a lot of time in tears at GA, mourning similar losses in my own life.

  3. My UU congregation was a lifeline when I came out as a lesbian in mid-life and continues to be like extended family. How affirming to be at GA where humane treatment of and full equality for LGBT people was celebrated!

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