Any interest in a UU chat room on IRC?

Hittin’ it up old school style, but is there any interest out there in a chatroom on IRC for UUs?  If there’s enough, I can look into it.

7 responses to “Any interest in a UU chat room on IRC?

  1. I’m in favor, obviously, or I wouldn’t have suggested it in the first place :D If there is legitimate interest out there, well, why the heck not.

  2. Sure, I’m an Old Skool kinda guy.

    I’m tempted to run off about the “Google Groups group” for my local congregation, but think I shouldn’t talk out of class. Suffice it to say the forum for the local congregation is the only online forum most UU’s have experience with, and they couldn’t tell you the first thing about Netiquette if their lives depended on it. I’ve seen where in more than one congregation this make for unnecessary drama.

    BTW, here’s the carefully edited first paragraph of an email .doc attachment I received, and no I didn’t say a word about the use of that font to anyone at the congregation:

  3. Woops, forgot to add – one thing I was thinking was it could be an educational opportunity for netiquette and stuff.

  4. Heh, I was thinking it’d be more for, you know, chatting, discussions, plotting to take over the UU World, etc.

  5. Sorry for the ignorance, but what is IRC? Or is it a case of if one doesn’t know, he or she is probably not interested ?

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  7. Saliijane – its a online chat service.

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