Holy Crap. I *can’t* do it all.

So.  I think I just realized I can’t really do it all.

And I need to, like, pick what I choose to do with my time.

Work is work, so that can’t do away.  But with my non-work time, I just have more things I want to do and I don’t have the time to do it all.

This might not sound round breaking to you, but to me, this is pretty revolutionary stuff.

Ok.  In no particular order, these are some of the things I want to spend that free time on.

  • Personal Development – getting deeper with my personal faith, reading, thinking, etc.
  • UU Organization, UU development – finishing organizing manual for 20/30s groups, more on the building up young adult programming side, our youth program, etc. etc.  Doing more with our congregation.
  • Politics – ramping up the political blog and the political twitter stuff I did during October.  There’s now a severe dearth of progressive voices in Georgia.
  • Writing – getting NaNoWriMo:Atlanta, NaNoLanta, uber organized and a well oiled machine.  Further the NaNoWriMo cause in Atlanta, etc.  Be an ML all year round.  And also personal writing, finishing the story, editing, etc.

But I probably can’t do *all* of them like I want to.  Because each of these in its own right is time intensive.  Holy crap.  What am I going to pick?  Politics would be probably the easiest to drop, although I’d feel, well, guilty about it, but then again I will end up feeling guilt no matter which I withdraw from.  And I know I shouldn’t feel bad about it, but y’all clearly don’t know me if you think telling me that will work.

There’s only so much time we have alive.  What should I do with it.  Make the biggest difference I can, or deepen myself while having fun.  AHH!  I don’t KNOW.  I *hate* not knowing sometimes.

Great.  Another existential mini melt down.  Do these EVER go away as you get out of your 20s?

3 responses to “Holy Crap. I *can’t* do it all.

  1. Yes. And no. Sorry. :)

  2. From my perspective as a 50+: the conflicts are always there; time is always limited, and interests are legion. But one does (or at least I sort-of have) come to terms with the need to set priorities, to not try to do it all—at least not all the time. I find myself going through cycles of overextension, followed by pullbacks; hopefully I can moderate these by not becoming so overextended to start—that is a work in progress. I find my rôle becoming one of facilitator—subscribing to a plethora of E-mail lists, and forwarding the relevant information to those on the front lines. That way I can stay involved in a wide variety of issues, while devoting more time to those that resonate most at particular times.
    Hope this is of use.

  3. Totally understand. I’m having to par down my life right now too…I do way too much. Here’s to learning how to say no!

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