Joy can strike you at the oddest times.

As I tweeted last night at 2am, You never know when and where you might find joy. Keep your heart open, and it’ll eventually be filled.

Over the weekend I was jamming along with a song from a couple weeks ago on Glee, Dog Days are Over.  And last night I found the original version by Florence + The Machine.  Listening to it was just moving me, and then I found the video which just blew me away.

I got up and eventually started dancing around my apartment to it.  At 1am.  I was just…filled with joy.  I don’t know what about the song, the beat, the video, did it, but something there did it.  It was just a…really moving (no pun intended) experience.  Something about that moment made me feel more connected to the divine than anything else I did that day (from Congregational Meeting to leading Youth Group to the One Love Atlanta worship service.)

No one can really predict when you’re going to be filled with those moments of joy.  Happiness, maybe, but joy, I don’t think so.  They just come on at the most inexplicable times (what about 1am on a Monday morning screams Joy?)  My heart was open though, I was willing to take part in a joyful experience.  I wanted to get up and dance like a maniac, so I did.  I didn’t take a step back and think “dude, it’s 1am, go to bed, you don’t need to dance around your apartment.”  I just let it happen.

How often does ego keep us in the way of joy?  Thinking about what others might think, thinking that you’re someone “above” it?  How often does that ego keep us out?  I heard Wayne Dyer say ego stood for “edging God out.”  Which is one of those statements the first time I heard it rang true.  But ego can also keep us from experiencing that true joy that we so long for.

Keep an open heart and joy will find its way in.  Let that open heart trump that ego.  Act like a fool, dance around the apartment at 1am, if that’s what it takes to express that joy.


One response to “Joy can strike you at the oddest times.

  1. Thank you for this post! The idea that ego can stand in the way of true joy especially resonated with me. As you mentioned, I have found that many times I spend so much time concerning myself with what others will think of my actions that I miss out on potentially joyous experiences.
    I notice you made a distinction between “joy” and “happiness.” Can you explain what you think the difference is between the two?
    Also, thanks for the link. I am going to be spending my next iTunes card on some Florence and The Machine songs, I expect!

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