Spirituality and Sunflowers is moving

I decided that since I have been doing this for something like five years now, it was time to move it to my own domain.

I’ll be leaving this up, but all new posts will be over at:


The RSS feed, for those who like that kind of thing, http://blog.spiritualityandsunflowers.com/?feed=rss2

I’ll be putting up new posts over there from now on.  I’m still tinkering with it slightly, but I’ve already moved all the posts from here over there.

2 responses to “Spirituality and Sunflowers is moving

  1. HOw do the RSS feeds work? Via E-mail, like a WordPress subscription? Entries and comments?

  2. RSS feed is if you have a blog reader. UUpdates operates off it.

    Over on the new site, I just added in a thing to allow email subscriptions to it just like this one.

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